Sweet Drop on Gauche Caviar

31 Maio

Artigo sobre o caso do Pingo Doce no início do mês no site do IREF.IREF

Ficam alguns excertos (se bem que recomende a leitura integral no link acima):

The relevant Union leader, Manuel Guerreiro, claims the government is “responsible” for the “price war” between Pingo Doce and Continente and asked him to act promptly to defend both workers and consumers from such price reductions. “All companies must remain” because the status quo “creates employment” and their existence “preserves consumer rights”. The Union also demanded Sunday and holiday forced closings, tighter licensing practices to distribution stores, greater contract and accounting transparency and a better control by the government on inventories and sales. How forced closings and tighter licensing practices would increase consumer rights and how the government can help exchange-listed companies on better control practices was not detailed.

Manuel Guerreiro, the Union leader, files a class action against Pingo Doce for discrimination regarding the May 3rd decision to give a 50% discount for the workers that worked on May 1st claiming that rule does not respect the rights of the workers who were on holiday or took a day off on that day. The possibility of colleagues buying items for others was not explored.
The union counted between eight and ten thousand of “discriminated workers” and told reporters that one of the motives for the class action was the lists containing their names published on the stores. They were also referred as “strikers”, although there is a slight possibility that some may not have work purely based on their shifts.

Portugal, like most Latin countries, is a strong nanny state where the left has won the media debate to a level that all parliament parties defend interventionist policies, with some variations on depth and underlying social values. But as Margaret Thatcher once said, Socialism is only possible until the state runs out of other people’s money and Portugal is at that point. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that in Economics it is not true that “Resources are unlimited, Needs are limited and in need of stimulation” but rather than “Needs are unlimited, Resources are limited and should be spent as efficiently as possible”. And efficiently according to the subjective value theory, not according to the Marxist value theory, i.e., with the center place giver to the consumer, and not to the worker. Portugal may be in the middle of this transformation. One can always hope.

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